Looking for a job?


If you already work in gaming (any area) or if you have experience as a backend developer in another industry I'd be happy to check out your resume & portfolio: gg at sign I might know someone hiring or will do my best to point you in the right direction.

Starting a game company?


At this point I've worked with at least a dozen new game companies either as a founder/co-founder, consulting CTO/COO or advisor. If you're a mid-career professional with specific expertise in game development, game publishing, or a related skill, I'd love to work with you. There are twO ways we can do that. First, if you've raised or are planning to raise money see below. Second, if you're interested in bootstrapping, this is the model under which I usually do this: you start as a colleague working with me, then we work together to co-found a company. If you’re that type, email me your resume at gg at sign

Looking for investment?


If you're working in industries other than gaming, I'm unlikely to be helpful and frankly not that interested anyways. If you're a gaming startup, I occasionally write small checks but the best way I can help you is to get you connected to friends at VC companies like Konvoy Ventures, A16Z and others. Before you contact me please make sure you submit your deck to them, then feel free to email a copy to me too: gg at sign I'll contact them as well as request that you get a second look.

Looking for an advisor?


I typically advise 2-3 companies at a time, and only those where my experience can be either an accelerator or provide a competitive advantage. I ask for 1%-2% equity vesting over time and/or a consulting arrangement in return for the help. We meet at least once a month individually and quarterly with the rest of the advisory team. I will push you (hard).

Looking for volunteer time?


All my volunteer time is focused on turning New York's Capital Region into a global gaming hub and to the various things (Cub Scouts, Gymnastics, Soccer, School stuff) that my kids are involved in. If you fit somewhere in there, feel free to contact me.

Want consulting?


I have a consulting company called Rocket Science Corporation where we focus on building publishing platforms, as well as in-game features like progression, matchmaking, and social features for both traditional + web3 games. If you fall into that category, let's chat!

Got something else?


I’m sure I missed something. Holler at me: gg at sign or on Twitter. I try to respond within a reasonable timeframe (but you know how that goes).

Need more?


Huh. I'm not sure why. But if you're sure, then share your info below. I send out updates once or twice a year.