Hello world.


I'm Brian Corrigan👋. I'm a game dev, hacker, angel and entrepreneur. I'm a happily married husband and father of four amazing humans.

Until recently I served as the Head of Americas for Krafton where I oversaw finance, HR, operations, publishing & other regional activities like esports, studio management, and more.

Prior to that I was founder & CEO of a development studio called MadGlory where we built features for games that delivered fun to millions of players.

I also had the opportunity to work as CTO for several different companies including Major League Gaming, Overdog, and Agora Games.

Check out my work history, if you're interested.

These days I'm working on a new company called Rocket Science that I started with my pal Tom Daniel, and an awesome team of founding engineers & producers.

I also spend a bit of time as an Angel Investor (working closely friends at Konvoy Ventures) as well as advising a few different game startups.

My friend Mitch and I (along with good friends at Velan Studios, Warner Brothers, Rushdown and Blizzard Albany) are on a mission to grow the Upstate NY game development cluster. Currently there are around 600 game devs here and we hope to grow that number to around 6000 over the next decade.

For my part I'm helping that effort along by building a rural game accelerator in an old firehouse near the town where I live. Come visit!

In my spare time I like to collect strange hobbies. This year I tried my hand at beekeeping (along with my friend Glenn Fiedler). I'm currently learning the Anglo Concertina.

Did I mention I'm passionate about games? I think I did. Here are a few of the most memorable ones I've worked on:

But wait, there's more!

Fin. The end. Want to chat? Say hi on Twitter.